Sustainable development each day

We look after the biggest meeting place that we're all sharing

Our joint vision with IKEA keeps inspiring us to create a better everyday life for many people. We believe that this life is truly better if lived in a sustainable manner. Through our meeting places we wish to positively impact people, local communities and our planet. Maintaining sustainable economic increase and positive social impact as well as protection and environment renewal seems critical. 

It means that we always think in a longer perspective in order to be able to meet today's needs of people while not decreasing the chances of future generations to fulfil their needs. 

Our planet is the biggest meeting place we are all sharing - a place in which we meet our friends, our family and the communities around us. And it needs us now more than ever.

Our strategy People & Planet Positive

We have identified three main challenges for our world and for our activities:
  • Climate changes: it is no longer a distant threat but a real as ever reality. In our opinion, climate changes are one of the greatest challenges standing before humankind.
  • Unsustainable consumption: until 2030 almost half a billion people will find themselves inside the middle class. In a world which even now uses excessive amounts of resources, this new segment of clients has an even bigger impact on the planet.
  • Inequalities: each year a large number of people comes out of poverty. At the same time, many people still obtain extremely low income. Gender equality is far from reality and many people are still refused their basic rights and equal chances.

In response to these three challenges we have identified areas that correspond to them and which will help us realize our vision and have a positive impact on people and the planet:

  • Inspiring people to live a healthy and balanced life and enabling them to do so
  • Positive impact of our actions on the climate
  • Fairness and integration

Inspiring and enabling/facilitating people to carry out a healthy and sustainable life

In our meeting places, we will offer experiences and services that inspire millions of people and enable them to lead a better, more balanced, healthier and happier life - and all that with the resources of our planet. Together with our lessees and partners, we wish for a healthy and sustainable life to be a demanded, attractive, available and price-accessible to the largest possible number of persons choice.

Positive impact on the climate

We will impact the construction of low-emission society, striving to achieve zero-waste economy and a positive impact of our actions on the climate. Our meeting places should reflect the idea of a balanced development through applying effective, innovative and smart solutions and actions. Each new meeting place should be located, designed, equipped, launched and serviced in such a way that it is the most sustainable in the local context.

Fairness and integration

We are here to create meeting places that become the beating heart of communities. We will respond in a partner-like manner to the local needs and use the occurring chances to develop our actions together with the local community. We want to remain open and respect the boundaries. Through ensuring fair and meaningful employment and contributing to positive changes in communities in which we are present we can play our role in creating a very fair and just society.